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Protesting SOPA/PIPA

The majority of the internet community is taking a stand against SOPA/PIPA which attempts to fight copyright infringement through Internet censorship, and bypass the due process of law by allowing alleged copyright infringers to be forcibly taken offline without a trial.

Many internet companies have stated their opposition to SOPA/PIPA, such as Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. An excellent analysis is here on Reddit.

To be clear, this is NOT objecting to copyright law, and NOT in support of copyright infringers.

On January 18th, many websites around the world are blacking out to protest this poorly thought out and technology ignorant legislation, before it is voted on by the US Congress and Senate.

Imagenuity is participating in the protest of the SOPA and PIPA, and will take part in the blackout movement from 12am PST to 11pm PST on January 18th.